Setting Intentions for 2019

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is almost over and 2019 is just around the corner. With the start of the new year we are encouraged to set resolutions, essentially goals for self-improvement. But when we take a moment to think about the real reason we want to set goals, it generally comes down to opportunities for growth; behaviors that allow us to continue working towards the best version of ourselves.

The challenge with new years resolutions, as many of us know, is that they tend to come as quickly as they go. The first week of January starts out strong, but as the end of the month nears, the motivation begins to dwindle. Get to the end of the year and many of us are left thinking, “what did I actually achieve?” and “better luck next year”. For those of you that time after time set those goals January 1st and follow through every time, I applaud you. But for those of you out there frustrated that another year has passed and you’ve made little progress towards those goals, keep reading.

If we know we get caught in this toxic cycle of motivation, throwing in the towel and starting the process all over again, why do we keep doing it and what can we do about it? The answer – set daily intentions. 

Intention – meaning or significance; an aim or plan; something that you want or plan to do

Intentions are goals that are specific, time-bound and tied to our underlying values. Think of intentions as a personal philosophy – goals that stick because they reflect our underlying values and beliefs. Setting daily intentions allows us to live our lives with a greater sense of purpose but require reflection. By reflecting often, we are able to thing critically about how those daily intentions reflect our values, beliefs and help us work towards our long-term goals in life.  

So if you’re interested in pursuing purpose and a mindset that maximizes your personal growth, check out these tips to join me in setting intentions instead of resolutions for 2019 – 

  • LIST your core values and beliefs you hold
  • WHAT goals have you previously set for yourself?
  • WHAT areas do you want to grow in this year? Then ask WHY.
  • WHY do you want to grow in those areas this year?
  • HOW can you create a daily intention that allows you to grow and work towards your long-term goals? Ex. Taking a moment each day to write down 3 things you are grateful for, spend 30 minutes each day moving your body in some way, etc.
  • REFLECT – How will you hold yourself accountable? How can you modify your intentions throughout the year (long-term goals change with time and so daily intentions must be fluid if necessary)

Wishing you all a 2019 filled with greater intention, reflection and well-being. Happy New Year! 


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